Happy Birthday H!

MiniM.E.'s NH boyfriend, H. (remember him?  No, check back here, here and here) turned 1 last weekend!  Time really does fly when you have a baby... seems like just yesterday they were meeting for the first time.

We drove to NH for the weekend.  H.'s party was on Sunday, so we had a little bit of time on Saturday to play in the pool and in the backyard.

On Sunday, while we were getting ready for the party, MiniM.E. decided she wanted to take a bath.  Must have been that she wanted to be squeaky clean for her boyfriend.  Unfortunately, she was already dressed for the party...

H. had a great party a park close to my house.  Surprisingly, MiniM.E. was pretty good, considering everyone was paying attention to the birthday boy and there were lots of toys that weren't for her.
Greeting H.

Birthday hand-hold (almost!)

She might have wanted a few things H. had.  Like his hat...

and shoes...

and sit-n-spin. 
H. lost interest... so she had it all to herself.

Both a little confused at all the excitement

MiniM.E. licking some of H.'s new toys

H. wondering why MiniM.E. was on his present opening blanket

MiniM.E. with her favorite of H.'s new toys, the diaper rash cream.

Petting puppy was definitely a highlight.

So was trying grown-up food

And, just because I think my baby is the cutest in the world... a couple more pictures from the weekend... 

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