Stretchy's First Boyfriend

The nice thing about really good friends is that no matter how long you haven't spoken, or how life has caused you to drift apart, they're still really good friends when your paths cross again.

One of my childhood friends, C, happened to get pregnant right around the same time I did.  At the time, I was living in Germany and she was living in my hometown, so we didn't really have a chance to commiserate over swollen ankles or the need for pickles at 3am.  It wasn't until we ventured to NH with Stretchy that we were able to get together.  I have to say, its really nice to reconnect with C, especially when we both have just embarked on a drastically new path in life... one that, though amazing and wonderful, comes with its fair share of sleeplessness, crankiness, uncertainty and general insanity that most of our other friends, unless they too have new babies, just don't understand!

The cutest thing is that C's baby, H, is a boy... making him Stretchy's first boyfriend.  At first they seemed a little unsure of each other.
Did I say unsure?  I meant confused and extremely upset...

Still not quite sure...

Now, they seem pretty keen on each other.  Well, some of the time anyway.  At least when they want to share toys :)
Photo that will be on the engagement announcements.
Wait, what's going on?
Oh, we're supposed to sit here together?
Yeah, we could get used to this...
Uh, oh, I think someone's watching...
We were just cuddling!  Honest!
Aw, it's okay... a little more cuddling?

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