NH: Day 3

Today we spent the afternoon with MiniM.E.'s "boyfriend" H and his mom C.

MiniM.E. was excited to see H, and they played together inside for a while

 but I think she was even more excited to spend the day in the pool.  So was I.  And so were H and C.  So we were all happy campers.

Nothing beats being swung around

except maybe being thrown!

Baby surfer!

I couldn't get enough of the adorable babies in the pool... but alas, MiniM.E. needed a nap...

Afterwards we enjoyed the cool evening out on the deck.
Sunscreen: the new hair gel

Then we played for a bit inside... and might have dressed up H in a dress... because what mom doesn't need that blackmail for her son later in life?
"Look everyone I'm standing!"

"Aw, wait a minute, what's this you put me in?  A DRESS?!?"

As you can see, H really wore MiniM.E. out...

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