First Swim of the Season

Of all things, MiniM.E. is not timid.  She's usually up for just about anything, be it a giant slide, a climbing wall, or a big-kid toy.  Evidence here and here.

So it wasn't surprising that she was more than willing (in fact, insistent) upon jumping into a freezing cold lake.

What began as an innocent hike at Moreau State Park turned into the first (skinny-dipping) swim of the season! (Though as soon as MiniM.E. saw the lake when we arrived she immediately said "get in!" so I shouldn't have been surprised that we did, indeed, end up in the lake.)

contemplating how to get into the lake without Mommy noticing

testing the water, toes first

making herself comfortable

wading (which led to a full on up-to-the-neck sit-down)
 And after swimming in the lake, she'd caught the bug and we had friends over to swim in the kiddie pools.

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