What A Daredevil!

MiniM.E. is learning so much so fast.  Like how to use a slide.  Which is super cute.  We bought her a little slide for the yard and after just a few days, she figured out how to climb up and slide down all by herself!

So of course, using baby logic, it would probably make sense that if you could climb one slide and slide down, you could probably climb any slide and slide down, right?

MiniM.E. the Daredevil totally climbed this
NOT the red web thing, the stairs under the blue umbrella

all by herself and was ready to slide down without help.

Don't worry, I want her to be independent, but not that independent.  I was right behind her the whole time and we slid down together.

I guess this means no more unsupervised playground time.  (just kidding, I know you have to watch your child on a playground...)

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