The weather has been beautful lately.  Sunday and Monday were actually warm! (Monday was almost 70!)  What better way to enjoy the lovely weather than by doing MiniM.E.'s new favorite thing: going to playgrounds?
Before walking to the playground closest to us (seriously? my house just got major points in the "put your kid in a wagon and walk them to the park category), we had to examine all the leaves.

And play on our "playground"

notice the lack of jacket.  yeah, that warm.
 Not in chronilogical order, we walked to the playground, which happens to be the Burgess-Kimball Memorial Park -just looked that up- in the wagon.  Twice.  (Had to explain the presence of two different outfits because I am totally not the mom that brings a costume change to the park (actually, I am.  I totally have an extra outfit in my bag at all times.  But not because I think she needs a different outfit in case she doesn't coordinate with the other kids playing or the playground equipment, but in case of an explosion (yeah, all you vetran moms know what I'm talking about))) (and yes, I definitely just closed THREE parentheses.  Awesome.)
playing in the dirt far surpasses playing on the equipment

static=bringing back the fauxhawk

kiddie slide: MASTERED.

more playing in the dirt

Saturday we found a new park, the Kelley Park in Ballston Spa, which we have since been to twice.  But before venturing there the first time, we needed a coffee pick me up.  See, here's MiniM.E. napping on the chair while waiting for her coffee us to get our coffees.

We went to Coffee Planet, which, for the record, has fantastic coffee and is a really cool place to hang out with your kid since they have books and games in the back and don't seem to mind if your toddler is running around, pulling all the books out of the shelf and stomping puffs and bunnies into their floor.

Stomping snacks and pulling books out of the shelf was no match for the playground.  Here is MiniM.E.  Totally psyched.  It was pretty awesome... even Bob and I had fun.

They had slides and a play house in the "Toddler Area".

MiniM.E. needed a little help with some of the big kid stuff (she's signing it here):

But, she did go down this huge purple slide ALL BY HERSELF.  Did she maybe flip over and end up on her stomach?  Yes.  Did she sign "more" when she was done?  Definitely.  I call it a success.

They even had a tunnel.  Which, aside from playgrounds, is MiniM.E.'s favorite thing.

...Maybe.  Tunnels might be tied with riding on the skateboard. 

In between all our playing, we had a baby shower to go to, and MiniM.E. got all dressed up for the occasion.  She's too cute in a dress not to share:

The dress was a gift from her grandparents in NC.  Thanks MeaMaw and Grandpa!
it's hard to tell, but that weird blurry hand is "thank you"

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