RIP Zoe-Kitty

Last week we watched our friends' cat while they were on vacation.  MiniM.E. loved it and every day woke up and asked, "See Zoe-Kitty? Pet-em??"

Unfortunately, Zoe's health has been declining and she got sicker while her family was gone.

They had to put her down yesterday and I just wanted to say we'll miss her.  Especially MiniM.E.


Shutterfly Mug Sale

Shutterfly.com is having a mug sale today.  Enter code MUGSALE and get an 11oz white personalized photo mug for 4.99.  Can't beat that!  It's a little early for Father's Day, but I just made this one:

View the entire collection of cards.

16 Months Old!

... and two stomach bugs!  MiniM.E. really hasn't been a sick baby with the exception of a few colds and an ear infection.  Then last week she got a stomach bug and just as she got over it, she woke up this morning with another one.  Poor MiniM.E. has been throwing up all morning.  Fortunately, she was able to fall asleep for a nap.  I'm hoping she feels better when she wakes up because there's only so much throw up I feel like cleaning up in one day.  I'm already up to one couch, one blanket, one carpet, three loads of laundry, and the entire kitchen floor.

Despite being sick, she's been in pretty good spirits.

Her favorite indoor activity is playing on the stairs.  With the amber necklace she no longer allows us to put on her.  And yes, I do realize that that is potentially dangerous.  But she LOVES it and it's the only activity that keeps her entertained for more than five minutes.

And on the plus side, she's getting really good at going down on her own (she mastered up a long time ago).

We've also been taking a lot of walks and getting outside as much as possible.  Even with a stomach bug!
taking a break
and another...

who wants to ride when you can push?

happy as long as I have my bunnies!

mittens on!
 The best part of our walks (if they're downtown) is always feeding the ducks.

When it's too cold to go out but we want to get out of the house, we usually go play at the mall.  Unfortunately, last weekend the playground was closed.  At least there were balloons...

And RVs.

MiniM.E. has also been pretty good at playing at home.  Probably because we keep so busy that we aren't there much and she doesn't have a lot of time to be bored.
who can be bored when you're not wearing pants?

figuring it out


LOVE this expression
 The best part of the day is always bath time.  MiniM.E. would spend days in the bath if I let her.

It's always nice to have a little extra time when your sick baby takes a long nap.  Hope she feels better when she wakes up!


The Biggest Snowstorm In 50 Years and Painting

Friday was supposed to be the biggest snowstorm in 50 years.  I wasn't impressed.  We got 6 or so inches.  In all fairness, we had zero snow to start, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting.  Still, it was nice for it to be white again and MiniM.E. had a chance to play out in the snow.

She's still afraid to walk in the snow, but she actually took a few steps!

We rode around in the sled a bit, but her favorite thing to do outside is to swing, even in the middle of the winter.

We did manage to make use of the snow sledding with our friends on Sunday

Other than the disappointing snowstorm, MiniM.E. has started making artwork.  About time!! I've been waiting for her to be old enough for this for about 15 months...

We started with crayons.  We tried finger painting, but failed.  We found success in poster paints on finger paint paper.  I thought we could use the poster paints like finger paints, but somebody doesn't like to get messy.

Seriously, there could be tiny fleck of paint on her finger and she drops whatever she's doing and insists that "finger dirty" and she "need koshkosh (washcloth)".

So we found some fun painting implements- spoons!

Now we've graduated to painting with spoons AND a silicone basting brush.  Who knows what we'll find to paint with next time!

She's making some decent progress!

And just for good measure, a naked baby photo!