Seriously?  It's really cold out.  Like so cold that I go out to start my car - in my garage - and I come back in thinking I might lose my fingers.  (Ok, slight exaggeration.  BUT it is cold.)

Needless to say, we have NOT been out to play.  In fact, I've bundled up the baby to take her out a few times this week (only after pre-heating the car for a ridiculous amount of time- like so ridiculous that I will probably have to buy gas twice this week) and I've felt like a crazy mom: sprinting into stores with my toddler half in and half out of my jacket while trying to pull down her ever-riding-up pant legs and keeping most of my fingers in my fingerless gloves so they won't turn blue and break off on the ride home.  It's SO cold that MiniM.E. has even asked for the heat to be turned on.  In all seriousness: "Heat ON!"

We tried to get out as much as we could this weekend in preparation for the cold week.  We stopped by our new favorite downtown Saratoga hang out, Druthers.  MiniM.E. really loves it there since they have an outdoor patio with fire and we love it because we can drink beer outside with our toddler.
not sure about that face... too cold?  did she just drink beer? ... ? 

We also went to our friends' house for dinner.  It was really nice to get out of the house for dinner.  And it went surprisingly well seeing as we haven't taken MiniM.E. anywhere where she had to go to sleep before it was time to go home in a long time... She almost fell asleep at 7:15... but graced us with her presence for another hour
"What? No, I wasn't trying to sneak a snack..."

"...because this sticky rice is SOO good"

"...but seriously, stop eating and pay attention to me..."

before dozing off.

Sunday the deep freeze was starting to set in so we ventured to the Children's Museum at Saratoga.  Note to self: A weekend day, particularly a freezing cold weekend day, in the middle of flu season, is probably NOT the best day to visit a Children's Museum.  I was more than a little disgusted... though such is childhood... putting dirty stuffed animals that thousands of kids have touched, sneezed on, snotted on, stepped on and sat on into your mouth.  Awesome.  That said, MiniM.E. had a great time.  We will definitely be going back.  On a warm, sunny, non-infectious disease prone day.
chilling in the boat on the pond at "Congress Park"

Playing with disease infested extremely dirty seasoned snail (or whatever that is)

Trying to hide in a cage in the "Vet's Office"

Making a giant bubble (fail).  At least there was soap somewhere in that place...

Ball maze disassembler extraordinaire

Much needed apres-museum coffee break

After which we had to brave the frigid temperatures so MiniM.E. could see the ducks.  Again.  Even though she saw them the day before.  They must have remembered us and our pretzels kind and gentle faces because they waddled right over.

Which brings us to our week thus far.

MiniM.E. is learning to feed herself, so I've been keeping busy with a lot of laundry.

She's also taken up coloring, so again, I've been busy magic erasering her play table.

"ooooo... pretty colors"

"I'm NOT going to color on the table when you stop looking. Promise."
can you picture the sound effect here?

She's been snacking a lot (rarely at the table, though I caught this photo), so I've been spending a lot of time cleaning up egg, bunnies, puffs, and tomato seed that become ground into the carpet.

See, snacking evidence: egg on the cheek.
And we've been playing inside.



Bouncing and spinning:

And we even braved the cold to go out for coffee.  Where MiniM.E. rearranged the bagels

And was a little too hug-happy.

... I'm looking forward to spring.  Or at least above-freezing temperatures.  Hope you're all keeping warm!

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