Chowderfest, the Superbowl...

...and an adorable toddler, and a mommy who is in desperate need of more time... for things like writing blog posts...

Last weekend was Chowderfest.  Last year we went with MiniM.E. and it was fun to be downtown with a lot of people, but there were long lines and we only got to taste a few chowders.  I wasn't really thrilled with the experience.  BUT, we decided we would go again this year... and hope for a better experience.

We planned to be downtown right as the festival started and it was a great plan.  We had already tasted 3 chowders by 11:15!  We had everything mapped out but we had to take a duck detour which pushed our schedule back a bit.

Waiting outside Ben & Jerry's for ice cream "chowder"

Intently watching...

Yay! Ducks!

But we ended up tasting about 6 chowders and managed to squeeze in a much needed Druther's stop before we headed home.  MiniM.E. even took a cat nap while we relaxed for a bit.

Sunday was, of course, the Superbowl.  I'm not into football... Bob isn't really into football (though he did a good job pretending)... but MiniM.E. really seemed to get into it.  Or maybe she was just into the TV being on.  I'm pretty sure she said "wide receiver".
Trying to score the best seat in the house

Resigned to sitting in her own chair

Intently following the game

Our littlest football fan (not MINE, our friends')

Other than that, it's still winter... not a lot of snow, but enough cold to keep us inside....
Look what I found in the "baby" box!

Pantsless reading: a new favorite pasttime

Attempting to fingerpaint

Except that Mommy made it, and it was more like J-ello than finger paint... fail...

Window clings!

Snack time! I'll just help myself...

MiniM.E. has been posing for some adorable photos.

And we've been keeping busy by going to playgroups.  MiniM.E. finally seems to notice that there are other kids to play with.  Or at least other kids to steal toys from...

And we went to the mall...
This was our whole trip.  Really.

And to another mall, with a playground.

And... MiniM.E. has a new teddy bear obsession.  Mostly the tan one, but lots of times Two Teddy Bear has to come too.  They come everywhere.  To swimming, to bed, to lunch, in the car, to the grocery store.  It's pretty cute.  Though I'm not sure about the reason for the tan one... I don't even know who gave it to us.  It came in a ceramic mug with footprints on it.  I think it was from the military?  Or it had a tag with a flag on it... Anyway, point being, it would be cuter if it was a bear with some sentimental value.  Oh well.  Still cute.

Lastly, I have a couple pictures of my super cute kitties.  HUGGING.  Because what's cuter than cats hugging?  Not much.  Except MiniM.E.  But after all, before MiniM.E. my cats were my babies.  So here are some pictures of my other babies.  

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