Playing Inside

With the warmer temperatures the past few days, it's really mucky out.  The snow is too wet to play or sled in and the streets are slick.  It's damp and cold so it's not really nice for playing outside.  We signed up for lots of morning activities during the week to keep us busy on days like these, so we only have to find things to do at home in the afternoons.  MiniM.E. doesn't seem to mind playing inside- after all, she has all sorts of fun new toys from Christmas like a shopping cart and a bounce and spin zebra.

But, like any baby, she's more happy running around naked

watching TV (she's recently developed a long enough attention span to watch a cartoon.  She loves Curious George)

taking all her toys out of her closet

reorganizing the pantry

or drumming.

Whatever keeps her happy!

The coolest present she got for Christmas was a custom made, room matching, jungle animal themed activity board.

It has 10 doors to open, ten different latches, jungle animals under the doors plus a mirror, lights that work, a door latch, lacing strings, a pulley, castor wheels, and a flower track.

Thanks to my parents for making it (a bazillion man hours).  It turned out great and she loves it- even though she can't do most of the latches yet.


  1. Holy Stromboli that activity board is amazing!

  2. I love your simple creative approach. Such a welcome change from all of the mass-produced, plastic rubbish available today, that lacks imagination or stirs imagination. Keep creating.
    I'm going to make an activity board tomorrow . Thanks for the idea

  3. What a great idea! Gotta try to make one over here

  4. Can you share how you made the activity board?

  5. Your parents did a mind-blowing job. I love the part with the shoelaces. I also have made a busyboard for my son, I wrote some tips here: https://oyboystuff.com/how-to-make-a-busy-board-15-frugal-tips-for-making-a-busy-board/