Overnight at the Indoor Waterpark: Take 3

Because we have really enjoyed our stay at the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark the past couple years (the waterpark part more than the sleeping at the hotel part, if you remember the first and second times we stayed), we knew we had to go again this year. Plus MiniM.E.'s waterpark birthday and her friend's waterpark birthday reminded MiniM.E. how much she loved the indoor waterpark and she's been begging to go overnight since.

This year we invited another family to join us, which definitely made the experience more exciting for everyone. And of all the times we've been, the girls definitely had the most fun this time.

After we checked in we headed straight for the waterpark and lasted about 3 hours playing and swimming.

Once it got dark the waterpark has a new lightshow, which everyone really got a kick out of. It was like swimming at a club.

By 6 or so the kids were waterlogged and it was time to eat.

After dinner the waterpark had already closed so it was time to get ready for bed.  

I would like to say we slept better than the past two years, but that would be a horrific lie. At least this year we had friends to occupy us until breakfast, and it took just the right amount of time to pack up so that once we were ready to check out the waterpark was open again.

We had even more fun on day two and spent until 3 splashing at the park. Definitely the most successful waterpark trip yet. Both girls are asking when we can go back again!

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