Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark

Last year we stayed overnight at the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark and on the drive home vowed that we would wait at least a couple years before trying it again.

And then we decided to go again anyway.  MiniM.E. has been subtly dropping hints that she's like to go to the waterpark again by doing things like loudly jumping around and singing about the waterpark and spending long hours asking repeatedly when we can go again.  Finally we bit the bullet and booked a night with the underlying plan to get the good deal on Great Escape season passes so we can use the indoor waterpark and the outdoor waterpark and the theme park whenever we want. It's so close that we could just drive up for a couple hours and it will be nice to have another activity.

Even though we also said last year that we would just drive home to sleep since it was ridiculous to try to put two kids to bed in a hotel and we woke up so early with nothing to do, we figured it couldn't be as bad as last year... 

So we packed up all our stuff and left yesterday afternoon to arrive for check in.  MiniM.E. was SO excited.

We arrived and the girls were trying to get their bathing suits on before we'd even set everything down.

While we finished getting everything settled and got ourselves ready to go to the waterpark the girls played the iPad.

LittleL.G. was a little timid at first

But MiniM.E. jumped right in!

Maybe a little too quickly because a knee scrape after one of her first slides almost had us heading home after less than half an hour at the park.  It took a bit, but we finally convinced her to stay and keep playing and we had a great evening.  

The girls were tired after two hours so we went back to the room to order pizza.  Definitely an improvement over eating at Johnny Rockets like last year.

Putting the kids to bed went well too!  And for a few hours we thought we had it down... 

Until LittleL.G. woke up and WOULD NOT go back in her crib.  For hours.  And then, after finally going back to sleep, woke up an hour later and WOULD NOT go back in the crib.  After finally going back to sleep again, at least the girls slept in until 6:30.  We did our breakfast at Denny's and instead of heading right back decided to take a walk around Wal-Mart for a while to kill some time.

It worked out well because as soon as we got back it was time to get dressed for the park!

Another great day of playing (and napping for LittleL.G., who was tired for some reason...).  MiniM.E. even did some of the big kid slides this year!!  And we more than doubled our previous record of 1.5 hours for day 2 and stayed until after lunch!

Even though we weren't planning on it, we all had a great time this year (forgetting about the sleeping part).  See you again soon with our season passes!!

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