The Best Birthday Party Ever

MiniM.E.'s 5th birthday party has been in the works for months.

She wanted her party at the indoor water park at the Great Escape with her three best friends.  The whole thing went through many revisions, but the final result was this: Four girls and their dads at the waterpark all afternoon. Moms and siblings meet back with dads and daughters for pizza and cake.

Since the moms were home, I didn't get to see the excitement on the girls' faces, but from what I hear, everyone thought it was the best birthday party ever and MiniM.E. thought it was the best day ever. So I guess it went well. All the girls got along and had a fantastic time, so much so that they were late for dinner because they didn't want to leave! The fun continued at our house with pizza and cake and everyone left exhausted and happy.

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