Sunnyside Gardens

This week started with a sick mom. The girls had a cold last week, but nothing that slowed them down, just made them a little crankier. Over the weekend I caught it, but managed to muscle through... until Monday afternoon. Fortunately, Gram came to drive us to NH and back and I asked her to stay just in case I wasn't feeling well. So she stayed through Tuesday while I tried to get over the nasty bug.

Finally by Wednesday I was feeling myself again and we were able to meet up with our friends for our annual Sunnyside Gardens trip.

Thursday we took a nature walk to collect some leaves on the trails in our neighborhood.

Over the weekend we finally finished the deck! Which gave us a few hours in the late afternoon to take Gram and Grumpy up to the Great Escape.

And also... nothing is cuter than these new bunk mates.

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