Happy Birthday MiniM.E.!

It's hard to believe I have written a post with a similar title four times before this one... but here it is- FIVE!

To my five-going-on-thirty-year-old,

I feel so lucky this year that while the moms of other turning-five-year-olds have to send their kids off to school for hours a day I get to spend all day with you. You amaze us every day with the thoughts you have and the things you learn and the things you teach me.  You are sensitive and caring and loving and smart and you have a fantastic sense of humor.  We have watched to turn into such an incredible daughter and the best big sister any little sister could ask for.  As much as we don't want you to grow up, we are excited to watch you learn and play and grow and see more of the person you are becoming. We are so lucky to have you!

For MiniM.E.'s birthday there was lots of playing and presents and excitement. The special part of the day was that when LittleL.G. took her nap and I worked on the cake for her big party tomorrow, Daddy took her to Ellms'.

So MiniM.E. had a day full of fun, followed by presents and cake and the anticipation of tomorrow's party. Definitely the start of the best birthday weekend ever!

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