Happy Birthday, LittleL.G.!

My spunky little baby is two.  Which probably means she isn't really a baby anymore...

To my two-going-on-five-year-old,

You are the excitement and energy in our days. From waking us up with lovely (and loud) serenades of ABCs and Ring Around the Rosie, to insisting on being chased around the house many times a day, to the hilarious things you say every time you open your mouth, you definitely add the spunk to our lives. You are so loving and cuddly and observant and smart and headstrong. We are so lucky to have you!

Speaking of the hilarious things that come out of her mouth...

LittleL.G. mastered the phrase, "me be two October!" months ago. For weeks she has anticipated her birthday and we have counted days together. And then this morning when she woke up the first thing out of her mouth was, "Me be two RIGHT NOW!! It's my birthday!"  Then later when I asked LittleL.G. what she wanted to do for her birthday she said, "Go to the museum!" Not what I was expecting.

BUT, being that it is her birthday, today we went to the World Awareness Museum in Glens Falls. I later learned that the "museum" she was talking about was the Wild Center at Tupper Lake, but... you do what you can. And the girls had a great time, even if it wasn't exactly the place LittleL.G. wanted to spend her day.

On our way home we stopped at LittleL.G.'s favorite restaurant for lunch- McDonald's. We also had to stop to pick up a cake because I had planned on ice cream for tonight and the Sesame Street cake I had promised for her party next weekend, but LittleL.G. had other plans and insisted that the Elmo and Cookie Monster cake was for TONIGHT. Can't say no on her BIRTHDAY!

After a nap LittleL.G. woke up to Gram visiting, which she loved. She opened some presents and had her little Elmo cake sang Happy Birthday to herself many, many times, and probably had the greatest two-year-old birthday ever.

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