Ellms' Family Farm

The past couple years we have loved Ellms' Farm in the fall. In fact, last year I remember there still being snow on the ground when MiniM.E. started asking when Ellms' would be open again. We loved it so much last year that we bought season passes and were there almost every weekend the past couple fall seasons.

This year though, our deck building took up many worthwhile weekends and we had yet to visit Ellms' even once until today- Field Trip Friday!

MiniM.E. was bouncing off the walls with excitement over all the things she wanted to do and her excitement wore off on LittleL.G. who was convinced that she, too, wanted to do the jumping pumpkin and bouncing pillow and the Moo Moo Choo Choo.

Ellms' was busy, as always, but it's such a big place that it hardly felt crowded at all and we were able to avoid the school groups and have almost everything all to ourselves. 

MiniM.E.'s all-time favorite is the zip line. We were the only ones riding, so the girls ran back and forth at least seven times.

stopping to feed the goats


and jumping

and jumping
The MooMoo ChooChoo comes in at a close second. Again, we were the only ones riding at the time and we got special treatment with a long ride that went through the corn field twice.


and more jumping

and more jumping

LittleL.G. playing instead of jumping

It was a little tricky juggling a timid two year old and a brave five year old together, but it was a beautiful day to be at Ellms' and the girls had a great time- they were both exhausted when we left! Once might be enough for this year though...

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