Halloween: Take 2

Today was Saratoga's Fall Festival.  MiniM.E. looks forward to the fall festival almost as much as trick-or-treating solely because of pumpkin rolling down Caroline Street.  All through the rest of the year, whenever we walk past Caroline Street MiniM.E. reminds me that 
this is where we do pumpkin rolling.

The cold weather stuck around for today and we started our morning by walking around downtown in a downpour, but that didn't sour the girls' moods. There were lots of stores handing out candy and, of course, we were some of the first lined up for pumpkin rolling.

One more day of Halloween Festivities left.  Let's hope the weather holds out!!


Making a Snowman and Carving a Pumpkin on the Same Day!

When we woke up this morning I expected most of the snow to be gone because it was supposed to have rained most of the night, but all the snow was still there.  MiniM.E. hurried through school so that we could go out and play before all the snow melted.

Much to the girls' delight, since it was so warm, the snow was sticky enough to be snowman snow. Last winter every time it snowed all MiniM.E. wanted to do was make a snowman, but the snow was always too cold and dry.

The girls made this awesome snowman with a little help from mom to roll and carry the heavy balls.

This evening we had a pumpkin carving extravaganza in the kitchen.  Both the girls drew the faces on their pumpkins.  I had to cut out LittleL.G.'s for her.  MiniM.E. tried her hand at the knife, but she always wants the BIG pumpkins with the thick flesh and it was even hard for ME to carve out her design.

I am in LOVE with these pumpkins. So cute. And very scary!



If I thought it was cold last weekend trick-or-treating or Tuesday at Ellms', I guess I didn't realize what was coming our direction today...

This is what MiniM.E. ate for dessert at lunchtime:

And by the time LittleL.G. woke up from her nap and saw snow on the ground, we had to go out and play right away.

The girls had a blast out in the snow and couldn't have been more excited that it was still snowing when they went to bed. I'm not sure I'm ready for snow... 


A Chilly Ellms' Trip

Today we were invited to a playgroup field trip to Ellms'. Since I've only been once with the girls this year and since field trips are much cheaper than paying the daily admission, we decided to go, even though it looked like it might be a bit cold and windy.

bit cold and windy might have been an understatement.  It was FREEZING.  Still, the girls are tough and braved it for a few hours of MooMoo ChooChoo, zip lining, rollercoasters and a hayride to the pumpkin patch.  I think I was the biggest wuss and didn't even want to take my hands out of my pockets to take photos.  Even though we were cold, we made it to the cider and donuts.  By that time, though, everyone's fingers were numb and lips were purple and even though we didn't get to do everything, it was time to go home.

See you next year, Ellms'.


Enjoying Fall

On Monday mornings the girls both have classes at the library. We used to try to make it home to squeeze in some school before lunch, but I've decided we should take Monday mornings off and enjoy being downtown- either stay at the library or visit some shops or, if the weather is nice, go to Congress Park.

This morning the weather wasn't exactly nice, but the sun was shining so we decided to brave the cold and have fun playing in the leaves. We really don't have trees in our yard, so the girls hardly ever get to play in the leaves and despite the cool air they had a great time running around.


Halloween: Take 1

One of MiniM.E.'s favorite Halloween activities last year was trick-or-treating on campus at the Skidmore apartments. Even though she isn't at preschool there this year, the trick-or-treating event is open to the public and we were all excited to go. Lots of kids, lots of candy, and lots of trick-or-treating without too much walking.

It was a bit colder and windier than we hoped it would be. The girls did a great job braving it for a while, but after an hour or so they were cold and tired and ready to go home. Still, we were able to trick-or-treat at so many apartments that the girls brought in a quite a haul.

Another Birthday Party!?!

This weekend was our final celebration of the girls' birthdays. Since MiniM.E. had the waterpark birthday, it was only fair we celebrated LittleL.G's birthday too. But... we couldn't have a party for just LittleL.G. and not MiniM.E., so we had a little party for both the girls with a few close friends and neighbors, Gram and Grumpy and Uncle Billy and his new girlfriend.

We had hoped for an outdoor party on our new deck, but the weather certainly did not cooperate and we all ended up inside. But with the guys downstairs with the keggerator and bunch of toys and more toys to play with upstairs, everyone had a good time and it didn't feel too crazy.

Happy Birthday AGAIN!


The Best Birthday Party Ever

MiniM.E.'s 5th birthday party has been in the works for months.

She wanted her party at the indoor water park at the Great Escape with her three best friends.  The whole thing went through many revisions, but the final result was this: Four girls and their dads at the waterpark all afternoon. Moms and siblings meet back with dads and daughters for pizza and cake.

Since the moms were home, I didn't get to see the excitement on the girls' faces, but from what I hear, everyone thought it was the best birthday party ever and MiniM.E. thought it was the best day ever. So I guess it went well. All the girls got along and had a fantastic time, so much so that they were late for dinner because they didn't want to leave! The fun continued at our house with pizza and cake and everyone left exhausted and happy.


Happy Birthday MiniM.E.!

It's hard to believe I have written a post with a similar title four times before this one... but here it is- FIVE!

To my five-going-on-thirty-year-old,

I feel so lucky this year that while the moms of other turning-five-year-olds have to send their kids off to school for hours a day I get to spend all day with you. You amaze us every day with the thoughts you have and the things you learn and the things you teach me.  You are sensitive and caring and loving and smart and you have a fantastic sense of humor.  We have watched to turn into such an incredible daughter and the best big sister any little sister could ask for.  As much as we don't want you to grow up, we are excited to watch you learn and play and grow and see more of the person you are becoming. We are so lucky to have you!

For MiniM.E.'s birthday there was lots of playing and presents and excitement. The special part of the day was that when LittleL.G. took her nap and I worked on the cake for her big party tomorrow, Daddy took her to Ellms'.

So MiniM.E. had a day full of fun, followed by presents and cake and the anticipation of tomorrow's party. Definitely the start of the best birthday weekend ever!


Happy Birthday, LittleL.G.!

My spunky little baby is two.  Which probably means she isn't really a baby anymore...

To my two-going-on-five-year-old,

You are the excitement and energy in our days. From waking us up with lovely (and loud) serenades of ABCs and Ring Around the Rosie, to insisting on being chased around the house many times a day, to the hilarious things you say every time you open your mouth, you definitely add the spunk to our lives. You are so loving and cuddly and observant and smart and headstrong. We are so lucky to have you!

Speaking of the hilarious things that come out of her mouth...

LittleL.G. mastered the phrase, "me be two October!" months ago. For weeks she has anticipated her birthday and we have counted days together. And then this morning when she woke up the first thing out of her mouth was, "Me be two RIGHT NOW!! It's my birthday!"  Then later when I asked LittleL.G. what she wanted to do for her birthday she said, "Go to the museum!" Not what I was expecting.

BUT, being that it is her birthday, today we went to the World Awareness Museum in Glens Falls. I later learned that the "museum" she was talking about was the Wild Center at Tupper Lake, but... you do what you can. And the girls had a great time, even if it wasn't exactly the place LittleL.G. wanted to spend her day.

On our way home we stopped at LittleL.G.'s favorite restaurant for lunch- McDonald's. We also had to stop to pick up a cake because I had planned on ice cream for tonight and the Sesame Street cake I had promised for her party next weekend, but LittleL.G. had other plans and insisted that the Elmo and Cookie Monster cake was for TONIGHT. Can't say no on her BIRTHDAY!

After a nap LittleL.G. woke up to Gram visiting, which she loved. She opened some presents and had her little Elmo cake sang Happy Birthday to herself many, many times, and probably had the greatest two-year-old birthday ever.

A Week of Fall and Almost Birthdays

This week we took a break from school to celebrate fall and to prepare for a weekend of birthday. It is nice to have the flexibility to take a week off whenever it's needed.

I printed out tons of fall-themed printables for the girls to work on when there was unfilled down-time. They both have really started to enjoy cutting and pasting and even LittleL.G. is getting pretty good with scissors.

With school taking up most of our mornings, we haven't had many opportunities to get out and enjoy the fall weather so we made sure to spend plenty of time outside this week.

The most fun we had was Wednesday when we visited Liberty Ridge Farm.  This was another of the places I "always wanted to visit" as we have driven past it many, many times on the way back and forth to NH.  Our neighbors went on a field trip there last week and said they had a blast so I figured we might as well check it out.  Well worth the trip!

Liberty Ridge had some of the same "farm activities" as Ellms', but in a different format and with some things that were new and exciting. It being Yom Kippur, which many districts around us have off from school, and there being a few large school groups (from districts that don't have it off?) it was extremely crowded.

Fortunately, we arrived just as it opened and had some first class treatment at the petting zoo while we were the only ones there.

There was also an incredible treehouse playground, racing hamster wheels, and a hill slide that both girls didn't want to leave.

We skipped the jumping pillow because it was too crowded and were only able to spend a little while in the giant corn bin.

LittleL.G.'s favorite part, not a surprise, was the farm "show".

MiniM.E. loved the racing pigs and volunteered to cheer one on, winning a pig nose. After the race we were even allowed to hang out in the shed and pet the racing pigs!

My favorite part was that at a farm with a lot of walking, there was a trolley which ran continuously throughout the farm. The kids loved riding it and it was nice not to have to walk miles toting a twenty pound toddler.

Can't wait to take Daddy back with us next year!


Tupper Lake Wild Center

Saturday we were invited to visit Tupper Lake Wild Center with some friends.  We had been wanting to visit for a while, but the two hour drive as a day trip seemed a little daunting when we weren't sure how age appropriate the activities would be. Since our friends have a one and three year old and were visiting for the third time this season, we figured it had to be pretty fun for the toddler/preschooler age group and were excited to finally go!

Sadly, the weather looked pretty awful for the day, but it turned out to be okay- at least for the morning, which worked out perfectly, as we did the Wild Walk first, had a picnic lunch and then spent the afternoon in the museum.

MiniM.E.'s favorite part of the Wild Walk was the giant spider web. LittleL.G. wasn't so sure...

Later, LittleL.G. said that this swing was her favorite part of the whole day:

I liked the giant eagle's nest with beautiful views of the mountains and foliage.

In the afternoon there was lots of rain, but there was plenty to explore in the museum from otters to glaciers to the earth... there was even a nature painting area that both girls got really involved in.

MiniM.E. could have spent days there. LittleL.G. was done after a couple hours but she napped while we took a walk outside during a break in the rain and perked up enough that we stayed until it closed!

Definitely another place to add to our list of yearly trips!