Today was Trike-A-Thon at MiniM.E.'s school.  She was even more excited than last year because this year she can ride her two-wheeler with no training wheels and can even stop and start all by herself.
lined up with her best school friends

first one around the track
 I knew MiniM.E. would do a couple laps but she kept going... and going... and going...
and going...
She rode around fourteen times!! And she would have kept going if everyone else wasn't done and it was time to play some games as a class!

She was so proud of herself!

LittleL.G. gave a trike a try too.

Then it was time for some red light, green light.

MiniM.E.'s turn to call out 
We are so proud of our little bike rider! Way to go MiniM.E.!

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