MiniM.E. had her Trike-A-Thon at school yesterday.  She was so excited about it all week.

We arrived at school in a flurry of snow(!?!? I guess my complaining about skipping spring worked!) so it was a little cold to make spectating enjoyable, but worth it to MiniM.E. and her classmates ride around the track at school on their little trikes.

MiniM.E. was so proud of herself for being one of the only kids at school that could ride all by herself and she went around twice!

I guess it made me bike crazy because while she was at school I went to a local consignment sale and picked these up...

Then I had to head to Target to pick up a baby helmet so LittleL.G. can bike with us too:

We need some extra items to install the bike seat, but even though she's about 6" too short for it, MiniM.E. got a kick out of riding the third wheel with Daddy today.

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