By mid-day yesterday MiniM.E. perked up and was feeling a lot better.  But not better enough to do much of anything, and it certainly wasn't outside play weather for someone just getting over a stomach bug.  So to get out some wiggles and have some fun we took a shaving cream bath.  And I took some photos of the girls... for what seems like the first time in months!

The girls had a great time putting shaving cream everywhere and it was nice to see them having fun since being stuck inside sick has cut our tempers short and made us all pretty grumpy.

This one is my favorite... LittleL.G. wanted to sit on her potty.  With her dolls.  It was all fun and games until Mommy wanted a picture.

Loving my new camera lens- just need some more practice so I can get better at taking photos of the girls...

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