A Busy Thursday

After being stuck inside sick for so long, it was nice to have a busy morning scheduled.  I think we all needed to get out of the house!

LittleL.G. had her 15 month appointment in the morning.  Three shots were so sad, but she was a trooper and otherwise is doing well.  

We headed straight from the doctor to our friends' house for a playdate with E. and Baby J.  We haven't seen Baby J. for a month and he's gotten so big! MiniM.E. probably would have held him all day.

After LittleL.G.'s nap, we spent most of the afternoon outside.  Crazily, with the weather we've had (too cold and not enough snow), this was really the first time we'd been out to play this winter.

Maybe we'll get some snow to play in in February or March!



By mid-day yesterday MiniM.E. perked up and was feeling a lot better.  But not better enough to do much of anything, and it certainly wasn't outside play weather for someone just getting over a stomach bug.  So to get out some wiggles and have some fun we took a shaving cream bath.  And I took some photos of the girls... for what seems like the first time in months!

The girls had a great time putting shaving cream everywhere and it was nice to see them having fun since being stuck inside sick has cut our tempers short and made us all pretty grumpy.

This one is my favorite... LittleL.G. wanted to sit on her potty.  With her dolls.  It was all fun and games until Mommy wanted a picture.

Loving my new camera lens- just need some more practice so I can get better at taking photos of the girls...



Seems like we just can't catch a break this January.  The girls finally got over their sicknesses, but then of course I had to catch it and since nothing can just "be over," I ended up with a sinus infection. This weekend I was almost feeling back to normal and I was looking forward to starting a sick-free week, back at school and all our activities.

And then poor MiniM.E. woke up at 5am with a stomach bug.  Sigh.



Ahh, that time of year.  Sniffles and coughs and sneezes and fevers.  Or, if you have been at our house this week, all of the above.

There isn't much to blog about this week aside from the fact that we haven't left the house since Thursday.

baby trying to go to bed on the floor

both kids needed Mommy

trying so hard to stay awake and play

had to give in to sleep

As of tonight, LittleL.G. is on the mend, fever down and acting reasonably normal.  Poor MiniM.E. though... seems like it might be the flu :/  Hoping everyone feels better soon!


Happy New Year!

The start of a new year always sneaks up on me.  Hitchhiking on the back of a holiday I love and plan for months in advance and hidden in the haze of post-Christmas organizing, taking down and a little bit of a let-down from all the preparation, anticipation and excitement.

Before Mommy-hood it was a time where I would think up crazy resolutions, some I would stick to all year, and some that would go by the wayside in weeks or days.  Hardly was it ever a time to reflect on the year that passed.  Maybe I was too busy looking into the future.

But now, with the girls, it's bittersweet.  Another year and it has gone by so fast.  I just want to freeze them right here.  For just a little longer.  

I thought about doing "top10 posts of 2015" or "things I loved most about this year" but what made 2015 is the relationship these sisters have.  MiniM.E. is so in love with her little sister, and LittleL.G. looks up to MiniM.E. so much and wants to be just like her. 

Best year yet.  So much love.

Happy New Year!