Pools, Big Trucks and a Birthday Party

Friday after Kay left we had a bit of a let down.  Just like when Gram visits, MiniM.E. got used to having one-on-one attention all the time and suddenly we were back to both girls sharing one me.  We tried to keep busy and the highlight of the afternoon was swimming in the yard.

Saturday was Big Trucks Day.  Now, given the concert we attended last week where MiniM.E. insisted upon wearing her earmuffs the whole time, this didn't seem like something she was going to be excited about.  But she remembered going last year and insisted she LOVED Big Trucks Day and wanted to go again.  So we went.  It was hot, but not unbearable.  The lines seemed a little less long than last year and MiniM.E. had a good time sitting in some of the trucks.  LittleL.G. was not a fan of the loud honking and beeping and we only stayed for an hour or so and let Daddy and MiniM.E. hang out for a while longer while we went home for nap.

Sunday we had a birthday party to go to for "Baby E." who is now THREE YEARS OLD! Time flies!  It was at the playground and pavilion by the Peerless Pool so after we did the playing and party and eating and cake, we went over to the pool and swam for a couple hours. 

Happy Three, Baby E.!

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