Meamaw and Grandpa Visit

Last weekend Meamaw and Grandpa visited from North Carolina.

They came late Friday night, after Bob got out of work, and were going to head straight for the ballet at SPAC so MiniM.E. and I decided to check out Family Night before the ballet.  We'd gone last year for a family night not attached to a performance and had a great time.  Unfortunately, we were expecting the same thing this year and allotted two hours to play before the ballet.  With only free ice cream, balloon animals and some instruments to see, we were done with Family Night by 6:30.  MiniM.E. was a good sport and we walked around a lot with her new giraffe buddy and waited patiently for Meamaw and Grandpa to arrive with Daddy.

Meamaw and Grandpa arrived shortly before the ballet and we joined them for a tasty snack and stayed for the first 45 minutes.  MiniM.E. was really into the ballerinas (though she insisted she wanted to see REAL ballerinas... like in tutus and wondered when it was her turn to go up and dance on stage with them).

Even though she had to dance from our lawn seats, she did a great job mimicking what was going on on stage.

Saturday we went to Big Trucks Day.  It was just as it sounds.  A lot of BIG trucks.  We realized almost immediately we should have brought ear muffs for the honking horns, but other than having to work with a tricky pair we were given that were a wee bit to big for little ears, it was a good time.

After big trucks we took a stroll downtown to visit the ducks at the park, go on the carousel and have lunch.

Sunday we spent a quiet morning around the house.  MiniM.E. and I went out in the afternoon while Meamaw and Grandpa and Daddy went to the racetrack and then we met up for dinner at the Circus Cafe.  The best part of the evening was the giant plate of cotton candy!

After dinner we took another stroll downtown and Meamaw and Grandpa watched another carousel ride and said goodbye to the ducks before they had to leave Monday.

See you next time Meamaw and Grandpa!

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