Kay is Back!

It has been (almost) a yearly tradition for my friend Kay from Austin to visit during the summer.  We missed the summer MiniM.E. was one, but she visited MiniM.E.'s first summer and she visited last summer.

MiniM.E. remembered her visiting last summer and was really excited to see her again.  Kay is pretty much her Texas Grandmother, so she gets lots of attention and is pretty spoiled when Kay is around.

As expected, we had a great time with Kay.  We picked her up Wednesday at the train station.

Then we went for waffles at the Iron Roost.  LittleL.G. conked out on the way home as expected, seeing as how we pushed nap time, but unexpectedly MiniM.E. fell asleep too!  It was nice to have a chance to catch up sans kids.  Once the girls were up Kay was bombarded by crazy three-year-old playtime requests until it was time to leave for a concert on the lawn at the Malta Community Center.  We saw Seth and the Moody Melix.  It was a great concert and we all had a great time... MiniM.E. was the least excited- most likely because her ears were too sweaty.

Yesterday we started out downtown for the traditional carousel ride:


We had to hit the bookstore since Kay is a librarian and obviously loves books.  While we were browsing, the rain started pouring down and we had to run through the downpour to lunch and to the car.  We spent the afternoon doing some shopping and came back for a dip in the kiddie pool and some burgers on the grill.

This morning we had to get up, have breakfast, help Kay pack and get to the train station.  MiniM.E. was so sad to see Kay go and is already planning her trip to Austin for the winter time-- so she can wear shorts.

look at those adorable Austin shirts :)

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