Another Busy Weekend!

This past weekend we had lots of visitors.  One of Bob's friends came from his hometown to see Phish, who were playing at SPAC.  One of my friends from high school came to town and stopped over to see MiniM.E. and after Phish was over and Bob's friend left the librarian from my old school came to visit.

We were so busy that I kind of forgot to take pictures... which happens more often than I like to admit...

It was nice for Bob to see his friend and to get to go to a couple concerts and hang out sans-baby.  It was really nice to reconnect with my friend from high school.

It was great to see K. from my old school! We tried to get together last summer, but funnily enough, when I went to Austin, she was up here in NY... We didn't get to go out at night, or do very much... but such is life with a 9-month old... We did a lot of playing, and took a walk downtown.

I did remember to take a couple pictures...

Here's a picture from... um... sometime.  It's her eating puffs in her stroller, which is super cute...

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  1. Aaawwww.... I had SUCH a good time! Love you! Love MiniM.E. Love Bob!!! Thanks for a great time! xoxo