Welcome Baby#2!

Woke up Monday.  Felt fine.  Went shopping in Albany.  Hung around.  Waited… 

3:30: Started to feel some contractions.  Didn’t get too excited because it already happened a few times and always stopped.

4:30: Contractions feel more like I remember labor.  Called Bob.  Let him know this might be it and could he come home on time.

5:30: Decide this is probably it and I don’t want to eat dinner.  

6:30: We should probably go to the hospital.  Contractions are closer together.  But all the talk of what to do has MiniM.E. upset and she doesn’t want me to leave.

7:00: Call hospital.  They say I should probably come, but I decide to stay to put MiniM.E. to bed.  Fortunately she is exhausted and it doesn’t take long.

7:20: Leave for hospital.

7:30: Driving to hospital contractions are 3 minutes apart.  How did that happen?  Just a little worried things are progressing too quickly.  Hoping not to have the baby in the car.  Good news, this is definitely it!

8:15: Arrive at hospital.  Phew.  No baby in the car.  Very relieved.

8:22: Checked in.  Wheeled to delivery room.  Make sure epidural is on the way.  Told there are lots of things we have to do first.  Starting to decide this isn’t as fun anymore.

9:30: Finally, after being checked (6cm!) waiting, contractions getting much closer and much worse, hanging over the edge of the bed for what seemed like hours, and waiting for the medication to kick in, the epidural finally takes the edge off.

9:37: 3 contractions later, its time to push.  WHAT?  Epidural not really helping.  Fortunately, pushing does.

10:09: Less than 7 hours after going into labor, an hour and 47 minutes after arriving at the hospital, delivered a beautiful, healthy, baby- all 9 lbs!

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