MiniM.E., Proud Big Sister

Compared to MiniM.E., having Baby#2 was easy... Bob and my sister did a great job helping me through it though there are probably some residual bruised hands, and it was so nice to be in postpartum recovery with Baby#2 instead of in the ICU.  

so in love

Hi Daddy!

Hi Auntie Jen!

Almost as exciting as having a baby was getting to see MiniM.E. when she came to visit Tuesday.  It was the first time I'd been away from her overnight.  I guess she didn't suffer much since she slept through the whole thing and was so excited to meet her baby sister when she woke up in the morning.

Hi Mom, enough with the hugs- where's the baby?!

so proud to be a big sister

hi Gram!

hi Grumpy!

It was sad when MiniM.E. had to go home, and Bob left to be with her for the night.  It was a little lonely (though its hard to be lonely with all the nurses and doctors that have to check in on you and the baby every 5 minutes) but it was nice to spend some quality Mommy-Baby time.

So happy to be a family of four!

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