Turning the big 2 (weeks) meant some firsts for Baby#2.  Her umbilical cord stump (which is the grossest thing about a newborn) fell off which meant a real bath.  MiniM.E. wanted to give her a bath for a good week and a half so she was ready.  Baby#2 had no idea what was coming, but she was a trooper and actually seemed to enjoy herself.  

MiniM.E. is really into caring for Baby#2, so she did most of the work:

After the bath came a nice warm snuggle:

Then Big Sister wanted to show Baby#2 what a big kid bath looked like:

Baby#2 was entertained... 

For a few minutes, until she conked out:

Then yesterday another first- a bottle.  Again, MiniM.E. had been waiting a very long time for Baby#2's first bottle.  Like months.  She's been practicing with all her dolls... 

Both girls did a great job:

Surprisingly, MiniM.E.'s arm held up through the whole feeding and I didn't have to help at all, except with the burping-- but even then, I only held Baby#2 up and MiniM.E. did the patting.

Other exciting news, MiniM.E.'s halloween costume arrived in the mail:

I'm not sure where the idea to be a nun came from, but it is HILARIOUS.

Yesterday we went to a playdate at a friends house, got tattoos, played outside, cuddled a kitten and helped with some yard work.

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