Coming Home

After two nights in the hospital, I was definitely ready to go home.  Even though I started the process at 7am, we were still waiting at the hospital at 1... 

MiniM.E., Daddy and Gram came to pick us up.  While we were waiting there were lots of cuddles... 

And of course we had to put Baby#2 in her coming home outfit...

Now that we are home we are adjusting to our new addition.  MiniM.E. is so in love with Baby#2 and wants to hold her and help with everything all the time.  It is adorable to see my girls together.  MiniM.E. can't wait until Baby#2 starts sleeping a little less though- she is always eager to wake her up to change a diaper or pick out a new outfit or show her something she's doing.

 She is a great helper- always bringing diapers and wipes and holding Baby#2's hands when she doesn't like diaper changes.  She was beyond excited to wash her this morning and did a great job cleaning her gently.  If this keeps up Baby#2 will be the easiest baby ever because MiniM.E. will take care of her for me!

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

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