Hello June!

We are so excited about June because the spraygrounds are open!   I have to say, MiniM.E. was NOT a sprayground fan last year.  In fact, the only time she seemed to like them was when she was about nine months old and we took her to one in Geneva.  Last year she thought the water was too cold, the spray was too hard, it was too hot, she was too scared, she was too tired, or most often "look! there's a swing!" and while everyone else was cooling off in the sweltering heat I was stuck pushing my kid in a swing in the glaring sun.

This year was a whole different story...

While all the other kids timidly watched from the side, MiniM.E. jumped right in!

Last week we also made blue cupcakes for a friend's 2nd birthday party:

Played in the pool:

Learned to cut watermelon:

And set up an outside breakfast party for a few of MiniM.E.'s favorite playmates.

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