A Weekend Away

I'm back from our weekend away, and due to the lack of photos in my last two posts, be prepared for a photo-bomb in this post.  If you don't have at least 20 minutes to scroll through a lot of photos of the cutest baby ever, you should probably come back and read this post later.  Once you start, you won't be able to stop.  I promise.  *spoiler alert* There's pictures of MiniM.E. in a tutu with her daddy in a tux. It doesn't get cuter than that!

We went away for the weekend to Geneva.

Sadly, not the Geneva pictured above... Geneva, NY.

Which, from this picture, doesn't look nearly as awesome as Switzerland.  BUT, even though the downtown wasn't anything to write home (or on a blogpost) about*, it was right on Seneca Lake, which was beautiful.

*I will post that the two restaurants we ate at were pretty phenomenal.  If you're ever in Geneva, check out the Water Street Cafe for a cheap but tasty diner and Opus for amazing breakfast burritos and in-house-roasted coffee.

We drove to Geneva Friday for the wedding of one of Bob's high school friends.  MiniM.E. and I were just along for the ride since babies don't really belong at weddings.  Especially loud babies like MiniM.E.

Upon arriving at the hotel I snapped these few photos of MiniM.E. hanging out on the bed (read: attempted to shoot photos with one hand in while simultaneously lunging for baby attempting to throw herself off bed and trying to keep myself out of the frame).

Friday evening we were invited to attend the rehearsal dinner.  We hadn't really planned on going but fortunately I brought us a couple "just in case" nice outfits in the event Bob wanted to show off the baby at one or more of the wedding festivities.

Most of the rehearsal dinner was spent playing on the grass.  Luckily the dinner was on the patio, so it was easy to go back and forth from the table to the lawn.  I even managed to have a few bites to eat thanks to Bob's mom who took MiniM.E. on a few walks.

I mean real walks! This kid will be walking any day!

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at the aforementioned Opus.  On our way back we took a detour with MeeMaw out to the pier.  MiniM.E. did some crawling around.

Later in the day while most of the wedding guests were off at the Finger Lakes Wineries, we took MiniM.E. on a long walk to the SprayGround.  Best. Idea. Ever. (well, not the walking part, it was almost 3 miles each way, but the SprayGround part...)

MiniM.E. LOVED it.  We could have stayed there all day.  Except it was windy which made it a little too cold to be wet for too long.

MiniM.E. totally had a fan base.  These girls followed her around the WHOLE time.

Later that evening we stopped by the cocktail hour to say hi to the wedding guests.  We were a bit early, so we played in the grass.

Finally, Daddy was done taking photos as part of the wedding party.  As if he probably wasn't done smiling for a month, we made him take a couple more.

While Bob danced the night away MiniM.E. and I ate ice cream for dinner and went to bed early.

Sunday we had a quiet ride home... since everyone was sleeping off the wedding excitement.  Except me of course... can't sleep and drive... maybe someone should invent that... a car that drives itself...

**Apologies to Grandma and Grandpa who visited on Wednesday on their way to the wedding from North Carolina.  We had a great time eating breakfast at the track and playing with MiniM.E. and hanging out in the yard... Bob might have lost our camera with all photo documentation of that day.  We had a great time seeing you, thanks for visiting!

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