Two is More Fun than One

This weekend Bob is visiting his brother in Long Island.  Usually, I like a little mommy-daughter time, but lately our days have been looooonnngg, and I have to say I was a little worried about having MiniM.E. all to myself overnight last night (Gram came to the rescue today!!).

To top it off, I also agreed to baby-sit one of MiniM.E.'s friends while her parents went out for a Valentine's dinner.  Again, usually would sound like fun, but MiniM.E. has been quite demanding... add to that her newfound anti-sharing sentiments and I was more than a little concerned about how our evening would unfold.

A. was a little timid at first, but MiniM.E. immediately stepped it up and instead of insisting that A. went home right away (as I expected), she went right over, cradled her cheeks and said, "It's okay, your mommy and daddy will be back to pick you up soon."  Then she brought her in and showed her around.  Dinner was first on the agenda, and once the girls were full of yummy dinner (brought by A.'s mom), they played and played.  Lots of water was involved...

All in all, I have to say having two two-year-olds was much easier than having just MiniM.E.  They kept each other occupied (I washed the dishes after dinner!!) and laughed and giggled and were in great spirits the whole time.  Thanks for coming over, A.!  You made the night much easier for MiniM.E.'s mom :)

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