The Last of the Snow

...For a while...

It's been in the 40's and raining, so the foot of fluffy, white snow we used to have is now a few inches of crusty brown snow and will probably be just a few patches by midweek.

So, MiniM.E. and I went out to enjoy the snow while we still could.

On Thursday there was still some snow.  We tried sledding, but MiniM.E. insisted on a walk instead.  Which was fine because there isn't much cuter than a toddler waddling around in a snowsuit.

she even rode the horse statue!

By the time we went out this morning, the snow was almost gone and it was cold and damp.  We still managed a walk because MiniM.E. had been asking for a wagon ride and it's nice to get outside.

She didn't seem to mind the weather.  Note to self: make sure to have rain boots come spring- this kid is a puddle jumper!

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