MiniM.E.'s First Haircut

MiniM.E. was not the baby born with the head of luxurious hair.  In fact, a couple months in, all the hair on the top of her head fell out and she looked like a balding old man.  Then, as she was more active but still spent lots of time on her back, all the hair on the back of her head rubbed off.  So as she's grown, she started developing the "Mullet with Reverse Rat-Tail" look.

Part of me (the mushy sentimental side) didn't want to cut her hair.  Ever.  Or at least for a few years.  Why not let it grow in naturally? I thought.  BECAUSE YOUR KID HAS A MULLET! the rational side of me kicked in.

I thought of MiniM.E. looking back at her baby photos and wondering, horrified, why I let her run around with a mullett until she was 4.  Unless mullets come back.  Like leggings and baggy sweatshirts.  You never know...

Anyway, I buckled down and did it.  And I'm so glad I did.  I think she looks more grown up and less... scraggly.  She likes it too.  She keeps pulling her hair and saying "hair-tut".  So we're all happy.
Hair-nest on it's way to baby-mullet.

After about 3 minutes of hair cut.  "DONE!"
Looking much better...

Baby-mullet: avoided!

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