An Exciting Weekend

Last weekend we went sledding.  It wasn't our first time out, but it was, by far, our most successful.

Our previous trips were always cut short.  MiniM.E. wasn't happy in her snowsuit, or her mittens fell off and she wouldn't put them back on, or she had an unexplained crying fit, or-- worst of all-- one of us dumped her off the sled, face first, into the snow.

We weren't really expecting Saturday's sledding trip to be long lived, especially since we were meeting up with two other toddlers (and their parents).  The amount of time spent sledding decreases exponentially with each added toddler...

BUT, everyone seemed to have a great time.  And with the mild weather, we were out for at least a couple hours.

Looking adorable... though quite immobile...

Someone sees the sledding hill!

Not to happy to share

...or sit alone... 

Yep, that was fun.  More please!

Everyone at the top.

Riding down with Daddy
A long day of sledding led to a visit with even more friends downtown.  At that point, MiniM.E. was pretty "done" (which she signed repeatedly), but she was a trooper.  We wore her out!

Sunday we went to a fancy 1st birthday party:
... Guess I'll have to start planning MiniM.E.'s 2nd!!

MiniM.E. wasn't too keen on all the people and another baby getting to open presents.  At least there was a dog.

Today we started off our week with an exciting visit to a new baby.  MiniM.E. definitely isn't ready for a sibling anytime soon... she was extremely jealous.  But it was fun to see Baby O.

What a cutie.  Aren't they they best when they're sleeping?

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