More Teeth... Really?

So as a new parent I just have to say, what's up with the teeth!?!?

I endured a few weeks of fussy, inconsolable baby about a month ago when MiniM.E. got her first teeth.  Then, thankfully, it was over, and my lovable baby was back.

Now it's happening AGAIN!  Really??? And she has to get HOW MANY more teeth???  I don't know if I can handle it...

We're on day 3 of absolutely terribly unhappy baby.

I feel terrible because she feels terrible.  I also feel like tearing my hair out.  Would it be bad parenting to just go in there with some sandpaper to help it along?

Our days have been filled with tears, screaming and fits of all-out-yelling.

Last night, she was up every hour.  And took what seemed like hours to go back to sleep every time.  So I'm assuming I got negative hours of sleep last night.

The only time MiniM.E. is happy is at the grocery store or in the tub.  Example as follows:

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