Bath Time!

MiniM.E.'s favorite time of day is bath time.  I really enjoy bath time as well because usually by 7:30 in the evening she's pretty cranky and has just about had it with books, toys and playtime.  She would probably stay in the bath all night if I let her.

Between the bubbles, the washcloths, the squirting toys, and best of all, the toothbrush, bath time is pretty exciting.  And splashing water all over the kitchen so she can watch Mommy clean it up is probably the best part of all.

When I turn on the water at the end of the bath, you'd think I'd presented MiniM.E. with a pink sparkly pony that feeds babies puffs on command.  That's how excited she is about playing with the running water.... Maybe I exaggerate... but she really likes it.

Especially now that she figured this out.

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