Out-growing the Baby Tub

Last week we had a near escape in the tub.  We have a cute little baby tub that has gone from this

to this

and is now the next obstacle for our little escape artist to conquer.

After she almost flipped herself out of the tub onto the floor (where she likely would have encountered a traumatizing head bump on the counter on the way down) we decided it was time to move bathtime to the kitchen sink.

Now, I think babies in sinks are as cute as the next guy, but let me tell you... when you eat dinner at 6:30 and your baby needs a bath at 7:30 and is a "grabber" which means you can have next to nothing on the counter and you're already struggling for counter space... this is NOT a move to something "easier".

But it is darn cute!

...though I'm not sure how long it will last...

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