I Was So Brave!

Topic 1 for today's post:  Bad Bloggers.

I hate it when I enjoy reading someone's blog and they don't post for a while.  I kind of forget about them, bu tin the back of my mind I know they're around and just aren't posting.  Then when they do post, I'm always a little upset that it took them so long...

So I'm sorry.

In a favorable light, I keep reading... so I'm hoping that anyone out there that reads this doesn't need an everyday post and will keep reading anyway...

Topic 2:  Snow.

Today I woke up and there was snow on the ground!!  Yay!  I love snow and was very excited.  However, it reminded me of the following things about this winter:

Days I have woken up to snow (and Halloween DOESN'T count!): 2.

Snowforts I could have made with this winter's snow: 0.  I might have been able to finagle a welcome mat.

Snowmen I could have made: 1.  very small snowman.  Like coffee table size.

So winter, let's go.  Bring on the snow.

Topic 3:  I Was So Brave.

Today an event occured that was very similar to the first night I put Stretchy alone in her room- just for part of the night- while I slept attempted sleep.  Stretchy was fine.  I was worried, anxious and all around a complete spazz until morning when I saw all was okay.

I went to the YMCA.  I am now a member so that I can get in shape attempt to work my body back to the way it was before I had Stretchy.  I have been on one tour and taken two "Mommy Madness" classes (more on that later).  Today I worked out ALONE.  While Stretchy was in the babysitting room.

I would like to say I just hopped on my machine and worked out for half an hour trusting that she was fine, but stupidly, they put the babysitting room within viewing distance of the machines... so I now have sore legs and a stiff neck from turning it to the right while bouncing around.

Yet again, while I was the total spazz mom, Stretchy was fine and smiled and cooed for the babysitters who were eager to let me know she was welcome back any time.

Every mom has to leave their kid sometime.  Still, I think I was pretty brave.  After all... I did work out move my legs up and down on the machine for 20 minutes and look away from the room at least twice.

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