Last Day with Auntie Jen

Today was Auntie Jen's last day in NY before she and Gram had to drive back to NH and Auntie Jen had to fly back to VA.

We had an epic breakfast at the Iron Roost and then headed to the new playground in Milton.

BabySlimJim tried out the swings for the first time and loved it.

doesn't get much cuter than these three!
We played for the afternoon and said our goodbyes and there was lots of crying about missing Auntie Jen already (even before the car pulled out of the driveway!). Thanks for spending the week with us Auntie Jen! We miss you ALREADY!


Animal Land

Even though we've done Animal Land twice this year, the girls couldn't wait to take Auntie Jen and show her how they feed all the animals.

The best part was the close encounter with some camels on the safari.

Then the girls had a great time being Animal Land tour guides.

And then we went out for ice cream. Doesn't get much better that that!


The Great Escape

Today Auntie Jen was lucky enough to get to ride lots of rides at the Great Escape. 
see how excited she looks?
It was our best day yet visiting this year because LittleL.G. grew so much in the past couple weeks she was tall enough to ride the kiddie rides all by herself (or with MiniM.E.)

We love spending all this time with Auntie Jen. She's going to be exhausted when she leaves!


A Weekend in NH with Auntie Jen!

Friday night we drove to NH so we could be there to meet Auntie Jen when she flew up from VA Saturday.
(practicing being cute!)
The girls were so excited to see her and show her all the new things they could do and tell her all about everything and have her "watch this" and "come with me!" and "guess what?"

She did have a little bit of time for baby snuggles and BabySlimJim seemed pretty happy to hang out with her.

The girls showed her all their playground feats.


And impressed her with their running.

(too much running to walk back to the car!)

And of course there was lots of swimming.

Tomorrow night we get to bring Auntie Jen back to NY with us!


These kids...

...are just too much. Love them!
silly face

"take our picture!"

at the vet

reading time


This Guy

We love him so much! He brings so many giggles to our day.




The Solar Eclipse

We will be studying space this year, and what better way to start the year than with a solar eclipse. I am so glad I thought to buy glasses ahead of time because I guess they were all sold out a few days ago. Even though we had the glasses, I needed a little extra protection for the kids:

It was pretty neat, but we definitely have to travel in eight years to see the full solar eclipse because it wasn't THAT neat.

I thought the best part were the eclipse shaped reflections everywhere.


Lake Week: Day 7

Yesterday was our last day at the lake. We asked the girls what their favorite things about the week were so we could make everyone's last day special.

The number one Lake Week Activity was Hunter's Diner.

Meamaw and BabySlimJim dressed for the occasion:

Next to the Museum of Play, the playground was number two.

Someone was tuckered out from a week at the lake...

So we spent the afternoon hanging around and getting ready to head home. What a week! Thanks Meamaw and Grandpa!