C & H's 5th Annual Summertime Visit

C. & H. have visited us (almost) every summer since MiniM.E. was a baby. This year we planned a long weekend of all their favorite NY activities: Spray Park, Animal Land and the Great Escape.

They arrived Thursday night. Since the weather was pretty terrible all week and we only made it to one swim lesson, we dragged them along to swimming on Friday morning. H. and LittleL.G. played in the kiddie pool while MiniM.E. had her lesson.

In the afternoon we went to the Spray Park.

And came home for some outside time and a BBQ.

Saturday we headed to Adirondack Animal Land. Everyone had a great time with the animals.





And stopped for ice cream on the way home.

Then we roasted hotdogs over the fire for dinner.

Yesterday we spend the day at the Great Escape and C. & H. left for home from there since it was half an hour closer to home.

Thanks for coming, C. & H.!!

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