A Relaxing Long Weekend

After swimming almost everyday for two weeks, it was time for a long weekend... to go to NH for... more swimming!

I spent a lot of time in the pool with the girls and sometimes BabySlimJim, and when I wasn't in the pool I had a fussy BabySlimJim on my hip, which made taking pictures in the pool next to impossible.

But I did get a couple cute dry photos of the weekend:

The most exciting part of the weekend for the girls were (early birthday present??) new bikes from Gram and Grumpy since MiniM.E. had outgrown her old bike and the tiny bike she started on that LittleL.G. would have used broke.

MiniM.E. is a speed racer and goes even faster on the bigger bike. LittleL.G. loves her bike and can pedal on her own, but she wants to fast like MiniM.E. and has had a few spills... 

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