Spray Parks, A Birthday and Silly Smiles

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather the first couple weeks in June with lots of time outside.

We went to the spray park downtown a couple times. It's much more fun this year now that MiniM.E. is more tolerant of the cold and LittleL.G. isn't afraid of the sprinklers anymore.

(poor BabySlimJim just sleeps... no sprinklers for him yet) 

(being a big sister is hard work for LittleL.G.- lots of unexpected naps)
Monday we had a really fun (but really hot) outdoor birthday party. It was the girls' first slip and slide experience and they loved it!

When she's not napping to recover from her tiring new role as big sister, LittleL.G. is the queen of posing for the camera and these photos are too cute not to post.

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