A Weekend With Meamaw and Grandpa

Meamaw and Grandpa came to visit for a long weekend to see the girls and meet BabySlimJim. 

They were happy to just visit and hold BabySlimJim, but we kept them busy with lots of activities for the girls too.

The night Meamaw and Grandpa arrived, there was amature polo practice in the field by our house. Meamaw had the great idea to ask to see the horses, and after patting them, MiniM.E. even got to sit on one! The horse owners were very encouraging and told MiniM.E. she should start riding lessons, but I think she was a bit intimidated. It was a neat experience though!

After breakfast at Uncommon Grounds, the girls danced around Congress Park and we had a mini photo shoot.

Meamaw and Grandpa stayed at a hotel to make their visit a little easier on us, which we really appreciated, especially since their hotel had a pool to swim in.

BabySlimJim just napped...

Even though they didn't seem too keen on roller coasters and spinning rides, they were great sports when we took them to the Great Escape and they both rode their fair share of rides.

See you in August, Meamaw and Grandpa!

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