Swimming Lessons

This year we are back at Clifton Park taking swimming lessons. MiniM.E. made so much progress last year, we couldn't not sign up for lessons again. We even convinced a bunch of our friends to take lessons with us too.

The weather so far this week has not been as nice as last year so MiniM.E. comes back from lessons shivering and LittleL.G. gets cold really quickly in the kiddie pool, but we are looking forward to better weather for the rest of the summer.

The most exciting part of lessons this week was MiniM.E. jumping off the high dive!

We have been loving the pool time with friends to swim and play with...

and every day after lessons we eat a picnic lunch and play on the playground.


A Weekend With Meamaw and Grandpa

Meamaw and Grandpa came to visit for a long weekend to see the girls and meet BabySlimJim. 

They were happy to just visit and hold BabySlimJim, but we kept them busy with lots of activities for the girls too.

The night Meamaw and Grandpa arrived, there was amature polo practice in the field by our house. Meamaw had the great idea to ask to see the horses, and after patting them, MiniM.E. even got to sit on one! The horse owners were very encouraging and told MiniM.E. she should start riding lessons, but I think she was a bit intimidated. It was a neat experience though!

After breakfast at Uncommon Grounds, the girls danced around Congress Park and we had a mini photo shoot.

Meamaw and Grandpa stayed at a hotel to make their visit a little easier on us, which we really appreciated, especially since their hotel had a pool to swim in.

BabySlimJim just napped...

Even though they didn't seem too keen on roller coasters and spinning rides, they were great sports when we took them to the Great Escape and they both rode their fair share of rides.

See you in August, Meamaw and Grandpa!


Spring Dance Recital

MiniM.E. is a pro at dance recitals now, and has been looking forward to her first hip-hop dance recital since class started in January. LittleL.G. has been taking ballet too, and was looking forward to dancing on the big stage too!

Both girls did a fantastic job dancing and were so adorable! Congratulations MiniM.E. and LittleL.G!


Our First Trip to NH With Baby

This past weekend, we ventured to take BabySlimJim to NH. Surprisingly, he was great in the car, though it did take us longer to drive with three kids instead of two. Gram was nice enough to come collect us in the event things didn't go smoothly and we needed an extra hand while driving.

It was a fantastic weekend of swimming...

H. came to play too!



and baby cuddles...

and BabySlimJim spent a lot of time napping, but he also took a sink bath, hung out by the pool, and slept in box.

It was a great trip to NH- looking forward to going back soon!