Our First Days Home With A Baby

This weekend Grumpy came back to visit and meet the baby. It was nice to have all hands on deck because I am still recovering from the quick delivery, Gram is tired from watching the girls, Daddy is tired because we only got two hours of sleep Tuesday night at the hospital, and the girls are tired from their schedule being disrupted and going to bed late.

We had friends stop by to meet the baby and bring us snacks:

Gram and Grumpy went home and this week we are just the five of us. We are all getting used to life with a baby.

He's pretty cute, which makes up for all the crying and pooping.

Even though it's a big change for the girls, they are excited to have him. They love holding him and shower him with love and kisses. LittleL.G. keeps asking if we can keep him.


Our little guy is such a perfect addition to our family!

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