The Trip Down to Virginia

Last year we drove down to Virginia with Gram. We left late and mostly drove at night so the girls would sleep. And it went well, but boy, were we exhausted by the time we got there. Not to mention how rough it was on the trip back when we left later than planned and didn't get to our mid-drive hotel until 2am!

This year we debated flying, but the logistics didn't seem to make it much less stressful than the long drive, so after careful deliberation, we chose to drive down again. This time though, we planned our drive for the daytime hours- almost 7 of them, hoping the girls would do alright in the car and that maybe we would be a bit less tired.

And it worked wonderfully! I don't think the girls could have been any better in the car. Of course, with me being 34 weeks pregnant and needing lots of rest stops and the girls needing lots of breaks, it took much longer than the 7 hours, but we made it to our mid-drive hotel, took a swim and ordered a pizza and were still in bed by 10!

Today's drive was short and we made it to Auntie Jen's house around lunch time.

The girls were so excited to see Auntie Jen. They were also very excited to see Auntie Jen's kitty, Little Kitty, because he is so affectionate and lovey.

The swing in the back yard was a huge hit.

After spending some time at Auntie Jen's and getting lunch, we checked into the hotel- the second best part of Virginia.

The girls were most excited about the pool, but the glass elevator was a close second.

After a swim, we hit the beach and the playground. Poor LittleL.G. was so tired she passed out on the drive there and missed a lot of playtime. MiniM.E. had a great time on the beach with Auntie Jen while LittleL.G. napped.

And they both had a great time on the playground when LittleL.G. woke up.

Late dinner, late swim and another late bedtime, but a really fun first day in Virginia.

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