A Hike At Moreau

Since we caught salamanders at the beach at Moreau the girls have been begging me to go back. This certainly hasn't be the week for beach weather, but I had been wanting to try a hike around the small part of the lake to see some beaver dams, so I offered up the suggestion of hike and playground for today. I might have suggested that a friend's daughter made her mom do the same hike at least once a week before her baby brother was born so he would come out sooner and that might have influenced MiniM.E.'s excitability about hiking around a lake.

Even though she is usually not a walker or a hiker, MiniM.E. did really well and hardly complained. It was probably a good mile and a half, but with three beaver dams, lots of rocks to find and a big hill that promised a chocolate bar at the top, there was plenty of motivation to keep walking.

It was only towards the end that MiniM.E. suddenly became concerned about being lost and not finding our way back to the playground. But within minutes, we were back and the girls had fun playing on the few things that weren't wet and mucky from all the rain. We didn't have long to play anyway...

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