We Are ALMOST Better (I Hope!?)

So after a couple weeks of being stuck in the house trying to recover, I thought we were finally making progress... Until LittleL.G. started with the unusual fussiness yesterday after a night of not sleeping and I realized she had a fever. Again. BUT, after yet another doctor's appointment the good and bad news is that she has the flu. Good news because she also got the flu shot, and apparently the flu in a child who got the flu shot is a few days of fever and crankiness. Bad news because she is contagious for those few days and I guess I can't really call us healthy... 

That said, everyone is acting much healthier so when we had a day of unusually warm weather we went out and jumped in puddles.

And yesterday when we got snow, we went out and played in the snow, even though it was pretty chilly.

Just getting outside definitely feels better. Can't wait until we are FINALLY really healthy again.

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